Nirovision Visitor Management System Melbourne

Looking for the most secure visitor management system in Melbourne?

A better way to check in

Nirovision lets you turn an iPad into a touchless visitor management system to monitor attendance and safely welcome people into the workplace.

Seamless visitor management

The check-in process is more important than ever, however most visitor management systems still involve pen and paper, require visitors to touch a screen or have a staff member do manual temperature checks. Now you can automate everything with Doorkeeper.

All you need is an iPad

Streamline visitor management for staff and new visitors. Simply approach the iPad to check in. It’s quick, seamless, and secure.


Time and attendance

Employee sign in and sign out with Doorkeeper allows you to easily track attendance. Facial recognition is contactless and verifiable, and eliminates the need for fingerprint scanners, swipe cards or mobile applications.


Sign in / Sign out

Enable sign outs to capture accurate attendance data. You can also auto sign out everyone at a certain time each day.

Adjust work hours

Admins can easily adjust clock on/off times if needed helping to ensure accurate records of hours worked.

Export – CSV

Easily export sign in data and contact tracing insights. Filter by day, week and month. Export data for a single identity, or for everyone.

Be alerted to key events

Be notified when someones fails to complete a check in survey or when a visitor you’re expecting shows up.


Mobile visitor management

A mobile app further improves the sign in process and empowers your staff to easily manage their visitors.

Features include:

Instant push notification when a visitor arrives

Pre Register visitors

Update your picture

Sign out visitors

Evacuation notifications

View visitor history

The App is free to download and is available for both iOS and Android. Every subscription or free trial also includes the app.

Provide visitors with printed badges

Connect a Badge Printer to print customised badges to easily identify new visitors and ensure a safe and secure work environment.


All you need is an iPad running OS9 or newer to start with Visit Us Reception. We also often find that the larger the screen the bigger the impact, as visitors will love the crystal clear display of a retina iPad.iPad enclosures not only offer you greater security for your device, they also enhance the appearance of your reception area.

Key features

Sign in visitors, contractors and staff

Sign out with a QR code, quick pin, email or through the dashboard

Add company branding to customise the app

Display important documents during sign in

Pre register visitors

Notify hosts when their visitor arrives

Print passes that fit perfectly inside a lanyard

Know who is on-site at any time in the event of an evacuation

Create custom reports.

Use in multiple locations under one subscription

Works ‘Off-line’ when wifi is unavailable

Supported by new ‘Host’ Mobile App

SMS bundles available

Active Directory Sync

Parcel delivery alerts

Multilingual facility

‘I am Safe’ online evacuation feature


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