Here’s an exemplary story reported by the CNN that centers on the importance of home security systems and CCTV cameras:

An Australian man, who lived in a suburban neighbourhood in Melbourne, kept a check on his three security surveillance cameras through his iPad while on vacation in faraway Mauritius.

One day, after logging into the system via his tablet PC, he saw 2 burglars breaking into his house and taking valuable items from his residence. They even attempted to steal the alcoholic beverages he had in stock.

The man acted swiftly. He made a long distance call to the Victorian police and alerted them to the burglary taking place at his home. The authorities were able to respond quickly and arrest the intruders while they were still at the holidaying homeowner’s residence. Criminal charges have been filed and both burglars have appeared in court.

This story demonstrates how you can keep your home safe even when you’re away on holiday. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, modern technology has made it possible for you to keep an eye on your residential property even while thousands of miles away from your domestic haven.

Aside from installing CCTV cameras that can be accessed online via iPad or iPhone and checking your surveillance systems at regular intervals, you should ensure that all openings in your house are closed and locked. See to it that the curtains are drawn and window covered.

In addition, you should not hide spare keys anywhere within your property. Instead leave them with a trusted relative or friend who lives nearby. This will ensure that someone can access your residence in times of emergency. You can also ask for help from the same person to keep an eye on your property or collecting mail for you while you are away.

Before you step out of your door make sure all security alarms are activated.

If you have yet to install a home alarm system, it is best to have this completed prior to going on vacation. Eversafe Australia specializes in installing security devices in Melbourne homes and has done so for more than a decade now.

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