Have you seen A Current Affair’s compelling feature on letterbox thieves?

After watching it, you should be asking yourself about  the security of your own mailbox and seriously considering ways to safeguard it more effectively. Your security, finances, and privacy can be compromised by the theft of a crucial letter or two – such as those coming from your bank or some other important institution or individual.

It’s amazing but true – your safety is not only dependent on the strength of your doors, locks, and alarm systems but also on the security of your mailbox.

So, how do you keep those thieves from getting their hands on your mail?

Mark Dreyfus, Attorney-General of Australia and also the current Minister for Emergency Management, as well as the Special Minister of State and Minister for the Public Service and Integrity, was interviewed by A Current Affair’s Laura Francis on the issue of letterbox theft.

During the interview, he shared essential tips on protecting yourself against identity theft via letterbox pilfering.

“You should put a lock on your mailbox,” he began. “When you go away, put a stop on your mail. And when you move, redirect your mail,” he counseled.

“All they would need is, possibly, a copy of your bank statement, a couple of bills and that will be enough to start using your identity,” he revealed.

When asked what problems one could have if someone steals his or her identity, the Attorney-General said this:

“Long term, you could end up with an adverse credit rating, because someone used your identity to take out a loan, a false loan, in your name. If they don’t repay, you could run into complications with employment. You might run into trouble with financial organisations because your accounts have been misused.”

He also shared a tip on how to handle calls requesting personal details. “If someone’s asking for your personal information, check who they are, check what they want,” he said.

With these revelations, protecting your letterbox should be as high a priority as ensuring your doors and windows are secure and burglar-proof. You should also be monitoring your mail slots and boxes via CCTV cameras that continue to keep watch even when you sleep.

The resulting footage will help you learn whether your letterbox has been pilfered and if necessary, report the incident immeditaely. The CCTV camera recordings can also act as evidence and help the police identify the culprits and form a case against them.

Eversafe Australia has been helping a number of homeowners protect their letterboxes and their homes. There have been increased requests for CCTV cameras dedicated to the monitoring of mailboxes as more residences are targeted by letterbox thieves.

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