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Is my garage safe?

Like your home you do all you can to ensure that this part of your property is burglar-proof and free from fire hazards. After all, it contains one of your most valuable possessions – your car. Not only that, you also have tools, equipment, other vehicles, or recreational devices of significant value stored within it.

Have you ever considered that your garage could be a potential entry point for intruders? Or considering whether certain safety risks may arise from this area?

You might just want to consider the following if you truly value home security.

To prevent your garage from becoming an entry point for burglars and to make your garage secure and hazard-free, we suggest you follow these tips:

Clean and Organise Interiors

It’s hard to tell whether that clanking noise coming from your garage is caused by a tool falling or an intruder if your garage is disorganised. On the other hand, if everything is in its proper place and the area is cleaned regularly, you will be more suspicious if you hear any unusual activity in your garage.

Leave Garage Doors Closed

Take a walk in your neighbourhood when you can, count how many open garage doors you can find – you may be surprised by what you discover.

Make sure your doors are closed even if you’re away for no more than 5 minutes. Never compromise or be lax about house security. It only takes one opportunistic visit from a burglar to lose thousands of dollars’ worth of property.

Reinforce Windows and Make a Peephole

Install grilles or horizontal bars to make your glass openings intruder-proof. Create a wide-angled peephole in the door that opens to your garage so that you don’t need to turn the knob to check what’s behind it if you notice any suspicious activity.

Put Your Remote in a Secure Place

If you have an automatic garage door, keep its control device out of a child’s reach. Don’t leave it in your car – you unwittingly give a burglar access to your garage if your vehicle gets stolen.

Install a Home Security System

Strategically set up CCTV cameras, especially inside and outside of your garage.  This will allow you to monitor activity in this area without having to step inside your garage. Alarm systems installed in your home will help alert you to any attempts made to enter your house illegally.

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