In the last decade, there have been a number of corporate acquisitions and mergers resulting in the expansion and enhancement of security products and their service offerings.

Cisco is a most recent example. The networking giant just bought Sourcefire, a network security solutions provider, in a bid to “add better intrusion prevention systems, firewalls, and malware protection to Cisco’s mix,” according to a statement provided to CNN.

The company did not balk at spending over $2 billion in this acquisition, emphasizing the importance of protecting data.

“The notion of the ‘perimeter’ no longer exists and today’s sophisticated threats are able to circumvent traditional, disparate security products. Organisations require continuous and pervasive advanced threat protection that addresses each phase of the attack continuum,” cited Cisco Security Group head Christopher Young.

Meanwhile, one of Canada’s largest cable services provider, Eastlink, has included home security to its menu of services.

“We consider home security a natural extension of the integrated services we currently offer and another step towards achieving the fully connected household,” said Deborah Shaffner, COO and President of the company.

In Australia, The Sydney Morning Herald reported that McDonald’s stores are being equipped with an innovative commercial security system that sprays burglars with synthetic DNA, which has a tracer that is only visible under UV light, as well as a “unique DNA code” that links the robbers to the crime scene.

You may also have heard of security that allows one to view or manage the establishment being monitored via a smartphone or a tablet PC.

These are just some of the consequences of the efforts to integrate various security services in order to protect physical and digital assets better and more efficiently. This could very well be the result of the growing popularity of surveillance systems in both residential and commercial settings, countering the efforts of modern burglars more effectively.

Automating security systems certainly helps business and home owners keep an eye on their property conveniently and more consistently. With the development of new technology at virtually breakneck speed, more sophisticated systems are expected to arise in the coming months and years.

As such, it is expected that more entrepreneurs and house owners will be subscribing to such schemes as they prove to be better than human efforts at monitoring, recording, and discovering acts of theft. Also, these systems help their human managers be more productive and less anxious.

It helps that the growing demand in security services and the improvements in technology help drive down the costs of having one. Paul Apakarian, who operates his own architectural firm, can confirm this through his own experience.

“Ten years ago, it was a real pain in the neck to do — and expensive,” he said. But now, he finds the set-up “fun” and value-added because a security package now comes with more features.

“You can be hundreds of miles away and use your iPhone to view what’s going on in your home, activate the security system if you forgot to do so before leaving, change the thermostat temperatures. The technology is fun and fascinating,” he declared.

Can you say the same for your own security set-up?

Improve the one you have now or install one to keep your house safe and your mind at ease!

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