The cold weather makes staying inside  so enticing.  Who wants to go through the trouble of going outdoors and dealing with the chilly climate during the wintry months? Unfortunately we have no choice for certain things in life like going to work.

Most people tend to me more housebound during the winter months,  and so, it is a perfect time to develop good habits that help you keep your house a safe and secure place to live in. This will also ensure that you’re more consistent in practicing home security measures, performing them automatically as if they’re second nature.

Closing Doors and Windows

A good number of burglaries are opportunistic in nature. In fact, 66% of robbers surveyed said they entered residences through open windows or doors, as reported by The Australian.

Based on this fact, it’s important that you develop the habit of actually closing your doors every time you enter or leave your home. Practice this constantly by closing doors to the bedroom, toilet, or storage area whenever you enter or exit the room. Do the same thing at the office, as well. Sooner or later, you’ll find yourself automatically doing this routine even without being conscious about it.

With windows, consider installing screens or grilles so that you can leave your panes open and keep your interiors cool without worrying about intruders. Before leaving your house, make sure that all windows are closed. If need be, set an alarm in your smart phone or write this down on a post it note that you attach to your main door to remind yourself.

Unplugging Appliances and TurnOff Switches

Burglars should not be your only concern. You should also consider potential hazards inside your own house. Minimise fire risks by making it a habit to always unplug electrical devices or turn off switches after using them. To help you develop this routine, consider placing temporary notes just above all outlets and switches in your residence.

Keeping Whereabouts and Locations Private

When answering the phone, never divulge personal details before identifying who the caller is. Also, avoid revealing on your social networking accounts where you’re headed in the next few days, weeks, or months. It is possible that would-be burglars are checking out who is going out of town in the near future and will target these empty homes. Even though you may have CCTV cameras installed, as well a home security alarm system, it is best to avoid having thieves consider your house as a possible target.

Activating Locks and Alarms

“Alarms are enormously effective at preventing burglars from obtaining property, but they must be switched on,” said acting Superintendent John Leembruggen of the Western Australia Police.

This is similar to having doors but never really closing them. The most important thing about having security alarms is to activate them at night and whenever you leave the house for a few hours. What is the use of investing in such devices when you are not even making the most of them?

Additionally, you should also make sure you not only close your main and back entrances but also lock them. When in doubt, take time to retrace your steps just to make sure you have done it. Remember that a single simple mistake of failing to lock your windows and doors, or even turning on your home alarm, can lead to the loss of valuable property.

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