We’ve talked about keeping an eye out on four security risks that your storage facility is exposed to in an earlier blog. This week, let’s zoom into the operational hazards that your building faces every day and how you can minimise their effect or better yet eliminate them altogether.

Forklift Damage

This is a common cause for worry due to the size and motorised features of this industrial vehicle. Occasional bumps, accidental punctures, and mechanical hitches may compromise the condition of various items being handled and some of the structures inside your warehouse. To prevent these things from happening, have a traffic management plan and assign key staff to go over traffic management checklists regularly.

Based on this plan, furnish signs and marks that help alert workers on the ground and also aid the forklift operator in maneuvering the vehicle efficiently.

Also, make sure that everyone is in proper safety gear and that the operators are properly trained to handle such a machine.

You can also install column guards and post protectors in your building interiors so that any accidental bump will not damage support structures.

In addition, make sure that the forklift itself is suitable for your warehouse and the type of inventory it contains. The size must be proportionate to the lanes and its load capacity should be compatible with your daily operational requirements. The vehicle should also be regularly checked and maintained.

Physical Injuries

Proper training will help your employees avoid developing back or joint pain, as well as keep themselves from slipping, tripping, or falling.

See to it that you conduct safety orientations for all workers and that they are wearing protective gear – helmets, gloves, heavy duty boots, eyepieces, and visibility vests, among others. Put up signs at the entrance specifying the required attire and have key personnel perform regular checks to ensure everyone is kitted out in the prescribed gear.

You should also have your staff trained on proper body mechanics so they know the right way to lift heavy objects without straining themselves to the point of injury. With this, they will be able to make better use of their energy and thus be more productive.

In addition, ensure that your facility is well lit and ventilated so that there will be no visibility problems.

Make it a rule to never allow anyone to eat or bring food into the work area. Provide a dining area for this purpose.

Fires or Electrical Circuitry Issues

See to it that you have fire exits and an escape plan in place. Aside from this, you should have any worn cable, wire, outlet, and switches replaced as soon as possible to prevent costly complications.

Implementing safety measures successfully and consistently will require regular monitoring and assessments. Having a surveillance system that enables you to view your warehouse remotely will help you ensure that everything is in place and going according to plan. It also helps boost commercial security.

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