The checklist represents just some of the issues your school may be facing. Of course, every situation is different, which is why Eversafe Australia provides a Free Security Review for every school.

1. Does your current system protect every access point and entry to your buildings, such as doors, windows and other points of entry (loading docks, heating and A/C vents)?
2. Does your system help prevent unauthorized persons from gaining access to your school buildings, grounds and restricted access areas?
3. Are community activities (non-school-related programs) held on your premises? If yes, does your security system take this into consideration?
4. Does your security program take into consideration before and after school care for students ie when students and teachers are arriving and leaving?
5. Are computers, sports equipment and student records properly secured against theft or unauthorized people?
6. Do you currently have a security surveillance system monitoring, recording and storing video of vulnerable and high-risk areas, such as:

– Parking lots and garages?

– Hallways and locker areas?

– Lunchrooms?

– Computer rooms, A/V areas and science laboratories?

– Swimming pools?

– Hazardous chemical and cleaning product storage


– Gymnasiums?

– Graffiti- and vandalism-prone areas?

7. Can your video surveillance cameras be monitored from a remote location? Do you receive exception reporting?


8. Can real-time security system data (video files, audio, access control) be shared with other locations and local law enforcement?
9. Are your school’s security needs and systems routinely evaluated by a security company?