Local Community Security Systems Greatly Impacts Constituent Satisfaction Levels

When choosing a house to live in, one of the most important decisions a person will consider is the suburb first, house second.

This huge layout of funds is typically the biggest investment people will ever make, so with that in mind the protection of said property should and will be of paramount concern.

If a suburb has a real or known high crime rate, that does not do much in providing confidence to a prospective buyer.  If on the other hand there is just a perception of crime or a general fear if you will, the apprehension to buy into the suburb will be greatly reduced.


So how can communities feel more at ease and confident within their environment?

business security systems melbourneConfidence starts with your local Council

Councils have a responsibility towards their residents in lots of ways, one of which is safety.

Street lighting is obviously one factor in providing a measure of safety, but going that step further and installing security cameras and cctv is also of tremendous benefit to all residents and business owners within that shire.


Crime has a negative effect on the value of all residences within the neighbourhood by lowering the value of the property or business, so in this respect council has a duty of care towards all in their wards to provide the means that will protect the investments of its entire people.


All people need to feel safe and secure in their own environment and this is a right not a privilege.


Councils can seek to understand the security threats faced within their community through asking the following questions:


Have crime rates affected owner occupancy rates?

This is done in part by assessing the residents who actually reside in their property as opposed to letting the property out to renters.  The frequency with which residents move in and out of the area also gives some measure as to the instability of the market within the area.


Have crime rates significantly decreased property values.

Graffiti has a negative impact on an area and council need to ensure that acts of vandalism are discouraged and over time prevented by ensuring that cleanup of the area takes place as soon as possible.

Graffiti has a detrimental effect on an areas perceived worth. It also raises concerns in the minds of local residents which further lowers community confidence in the value of law enforcement and council in general.

Quality of life for community residents should be a priority for all local Councillors and a community where everyone feels safe should be reason enough to take action.


Communities helping themselvesneighbourhood watch decreasing community crime rates

One major way a community can address security concerns is by forming community associations such as neighbourhood watch.

These groups have achieved greater levels of confidence among residents by raising people’s awareness of suspicious activity within their district.

Neighbors who keep an eye out for one another are performing a great service, which benefits older residents who may live alone, single parents, working people who are away from their homes most of the day, and anyone who simply feels a little bit safer knowing that someone is looking out for them.

Community groups like these provides a vehicle for residents to communicate with their governing bodies and creates a powerful voice for residents to express their concerns.

Eversafe support a proactive approach to community safety.

We offer local councils and their communities FREE Security Assessments which assist councils to plan their security approach, reach targets and meet budget requirements.

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