Six Reasons Why Home Automation Could Be For You

home automation screenIn Australia Intelligent houses are becoming progressively more common. The pace of our daily lives is increasing and life enhancing technologies such as the World Wide Web are now readily available in just about every home. With all this in mind, it’s any wonder why so many Australian homes and families are reaching for more easy home management solutions such as home automation systems.

Here are 6 reasons why home automation could be right for you:

1. Complete control of the space around you: Home security is simply one aspect of a home automation system. Complete home automation systems allow you to personalize the atmosphere in each room of your home for light, temperature, audio and mood. You can have complete control from within your home at any time, or pre-program particular functions to change across different times of the day.


2. Remote Access & Control: Your home automation system can be managed remotely through smart phone technology, offering you the utmost in control and flexibility. For instance, if you are on vacation or simply coming home from work, you are able to manage your home security system, set your house alarm, observe any activity on your property, change your multimedia program, turn on your heater, or even close your blinds, all at the touch of a button.


Remote access control gives you peace of mind because you can manage your home security from anywhere. Because home automation systems operate using wi-fi technology, there is no limit on how far away from home you can be to operate your system.


3. Power Conservation: Home Automation systems can offer great savings for home owners and property managers alike. Imagine in the middle of winter coming home to a nice warm house, but you haven’t had to leave your heater running all day. With a home automation system you can simply log into your system when your 20 minutes away from home and set your heater to run.


Likewise, automated security systems can assist property managers and body corporates with monitoring the running costs of their property giving them the flexibility to operate building lighting and ensure electricity isn’t being wasted or used unnecessarily.


You can also integrate your home automation system with your homes watering system so when you go on vacation there is no need to worry about your plants dying, again, simply log into your system remotely and turn your sprinklers on and off when you need to.


4. Increased Home Security: Intelligent houses, or those fitted with home automation systems provide a much more secure and safe environment in which to live and store your most important assets.

Home automation systems give you the flexibility to incorporate all your homes security into one convenient location meaning you can control your front door locks and entrance video surveillance, intercoms, doorways, gates, motion sensors and more; from the palm of your hand. (if using a smart phone or tablet to connect)

Your system can also alert you if your garage door is accidentally left open or front gate is left unlocked or open for longer than it should be.


5. Integration and Comfort: Home Automation allows you to integrate multiple elements and functions within your home into one central location. This modern technology allows you to combine home security, safety, comfort and power conservation into a single platform. You will save time by using one central location for all areas of your home and user-friendly software allows you to set your preferences in all areas, making it even more of a time saving device.


6. Monitoring for Security and Savings: Modern home automation systems allow you to track usage of some major household supplies such as electricity usage. This is particularly valuable in bigger buildings or holiday properties that are used by many people across a month or year.


Of course there are many advantages to using a home automation and home security system that will be unique to you, and that’s why Eversafe offer FREE On-site Consultation and Quotes to give you the best advice and peace of mind.

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