Home Automation

What is home automation?

Home Automation refers to the electronic surveillance of a home, which is executed by the implementation of computerised control system. Along with providing security, home automation can also offer:-

  • Control of the lighting system
  • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning
  • Improving the convenience at home
  • Elevating levels of comforts and energy efficiency

Home Automation allows us to connect the numerous electrical devices at home with each other. It is very similar to building automation. For e.g. we can link our time saving electronic appliance like refrigerators and washing machines with the entertainment equipments, they could be further linked with garden watering systems and changing the overall ambience at home. The devices are mutually linked as thus we can control their functioning based on our convenience and time. All these systems could be further linked with our computers to allow a better control.

Benefits of Home automation:-

  • Home automation enables us to simplify our lives further. A simple example could be lighting of the entire house. Once that has been automated, the system automatically changes based on our requirement. It can get dimmer, turn brighter and could even becoming soothing one judging our moods and necessity. x
  • They are great for saving energy. We most often end up consuming more energy that we need but with home automation the devices are generally feeded with our energy needs so change automatically accordingly.
  • Installation of home automation of products enables us to control devices of at our home from remote locations as well. An example could be strange odor detector, this help us detect any odd smell at home and take required corrective measures.
    • Food preservation and food management have been implemented even in households to a factory extent. Standardization of foods help further automation and handling of food at home.

Considering installing a Home Automation system?

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