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At Eversafe, we offer you the service that our name implies… 24 hour service, to keep you Ever Safe!

Whether it’s your home, or business, Eversafe has eyes on your security 24/7. At Eversafe we understand how important your home, assets and your business are to you, and that’s why we provide the support you need, whenever you need it.


Eversafe’s exceptional service – We’re always by your side.


burglary crime statisticsCrime statistics for burglary and armed robbery against business, and numbers of home invasions in Australia are on the rise and that’s why it’s so important to ensure you are protected.

There have been great  technological advancements  of security system products over the last few years ranging from better digital products to security systems integrating with iPhone products to full home automation, where at the touch of a finger you can turn your security system on or off no matter where you are in the world.


Eversafe pride themselves on being the leaders in security system advancements; Eversafe is always ahead of the game.

Eversafe offer 24 hour support and security monitoring for all of our alarm systems, camera packages, surveillance, and video intercoms.


Call 03 900 10 900 for a Free Home or Business Security Consultation


Eversafe Security Solutions Meet Your Home and Business Needs.


Our team has over 12 years of experience in providing security systems for commercial and residential properties. For us, there is no job too big, and no job too small; we offer a full service security solution for your home and your business.

Some of our well known business security clients include establishments such as Mcdonald’s, Subway, Clayton’s Kitchens, TradeQuip, TAG Autorepairs, Wizard Motors, Thomson Real Estate and Hungry Jack’s. If you are considering investing in a business security system, or need assistance with your commercial security requirement, or you just want to know your home is protected contact Eversafe Australia.


We tailor home and business security systems to your needs and budget.


Our first priority is to understand your business or your home security requirements before we offer our advice on the best security system for your needs. Our Free Security Consultation identifies all the key areas and weak spots in your home and business security and helps our team of qualified security professionals to recommend and tailor the ideal security solution for your exact home of business security requirements.

security checklistStill not sure? Hear from our raving fan clients here….


Eversafe employ only the highest quality security professionals that have long term experience and knowledge in the industry, so we can offer you the best security system in Melbourne.

Eversafe security systems offer the most advanced technology to deliver a fast response to authorities should an incident arise and our affordable systems are versatile enough to be installed into any home or business for the utmost protection available.


With Eversafe Security Monitoring you are never alone. We are there for you day and night whenever you need us. Plus, all of our security products are backed by a full manufacturer’s warranty.


For a free home of business security inspection, or Free Security Quote, contact Eversafe today! Call ( 03) 900 10 900


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