Our security and safety needs are on the rise, and with so much media attention, how can we not feel more vulnerable, even in our own homes.

Because of this we do want to be more protected in the community, homes, schools and work. However is this all just hype and are we becoming over-protective?

Well, just like any purchase, buyers of home alarm systems need to decide whether the investment is worth the expense. Basically, will a home alarm system really be of help when it comes to an emergency situation?

Why purchase a home alarm?

Generally most people install a home alarm to prevent theft, as it provides a feeling of safety and security for your family. However there are several others reasons that might be appealing to home owners including:

  • Personal protection and safety. Many people install a home alarm because they feel it will protect their home and possessions from theft while they are away, as well as provide an early warning system in case of intruders while they are at home.
  • Theft deterrent. Theft deterrent differs from prevention because the offender does not enter your home in the first place. This is why many people who have purchased home alarms display the company logo in a visible place for all to see.
  • Internal monitoring system. Some households use their home alarms as a way of monitoring those inside the home. For example in homes with teenagers, elderly or people with a mental illness.

Are they worth it?

The main strength of the home alarm, as far as personal security, is in its ability to deter a burglar. Often just placing a sign on your door or fence can be enough to discourage potential thieves.

However, when it comes to more experienced thieves, a deterrent sign won’t be enough and quite often neither will the alarm system itself. That is because they know how long they have to carry out the theft before someone is alerted or arrives to your property.

In saying that, home alarms do serve a very valuable purpose. They are an effective monitoring system and successful in deterring criminals most of the time. Plus they are effective warning systems in case you are home at the time of the break in.