If you’re locked out of your home, is there a way to get in? Possibly through an unlocked window, or by using a duplicate key, perhaps even by calling a locksmith? If you can break into your home, so can a burglar! Simply locking your front door will not prevent all burglaries from occurring; the opportunistic burglar only needs a phone and some cash to enter your home.

Last week, popular local show A Current Affair performed an investigation where Home Security was put to the test. Tracy Grimshaw, the programme’s host, showcased interviews of people who discussed this issue. Eversafe’s very own Paul Mase was also featured giving his explanation as to why he believes CCTV cameras are essential in Australian homes.

In this investigation, Linda Kennedy, a resident of a suburban street in Melbourne was shown how easily accessible her home could be.

An A Current Affair producer called a locksmith she found online, and pretended that she locked herself out of her house – the house which actually belongs to Linda Kennedy. The locksmith arrived quickly. No uniform, no signage, no worries. Within minutes, the door was opened, and the producer was in. She was not asked for any ID or proof that this is where she lives. Meanwhile, Linda who was watching everything from a distance was horrified.

On a separate day, in a separate suburb, the same scenario occurred. Another A Current Affair producer pretended to have locked himself out of his house, and called a locksmith for help. All locksmiths were randomly picked from the internet with service prices ranging from $99 to $165. This locksmith responded quickly the moment he arrived. He first tried to enter through the garage, and then brought out the lockpicking hardware. Soon after opening the lock, he also offered a new set of keys to the A Current Affair producer without any confirmation that this was the producer’s house.

But not all locksmiths are the same. One of the ISI locksmiths decided to speak on camera, “A locksmith is a trusted profession, and we should be licensed as we have the ability to enter premises. It should be compulsory.” He believes that it is crucial to ask the homeowner for ID, and if the homeowner does not have any ID, the locksmith should ask basic questions like where the keys could be in the house, or what their phone number is.


More and more homes are using window guards and security shutters, when your front door could be the vulnerable entry point.


Paul Mase, operations manager and owner of Eversafe said that a number of customers have come to him saying that the same scenario has happened to them.


“Lock systems are the primary line of defence against intruders, and CCTV cameras are the second. CCTV cameras provide evidence as well as preventing strangers from gaining access to your home,”  Mase explained.


The full A Current Affair segment can be seen below.



“Home Security Investigation” – A CURRENT AFFAIR

Paul Mase talks with A Current Affair about home security issues (3:42).


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