Organising Your Way to a Better and Secure Home This Winter

Spring may still be 3 months away but it does not hurt to start tidying up your domestic knickknacks.

As you are likely to have more time for yourself during the colder months of the year, this provides a perfect time to give your home a mini-makeover. No, you do not need to spend a fortune on this endeavour – you simply need to set aside time and stir up your creativity.

Instead of doing the more costly remodeling, simply rearranging or sorting through the things you have lying around or tucked away in a dark storage area will help revitalise your home, maximise your space, and provide you with greater peace of mind. Knowing that everything is accounted for and is positioned where you can easily see or find  it makes you feel that you are in full control of your belongings. A well-organised home makes it easier for you to secure your things and know whether you are missing valuable items or not.

Starting from the Top

It is smart to do the rearranging by room and followia specific direction. In this case, it is wise to begin at the top. Why? Because it is easier for you to clean up after you have finished organising a specific area. This will also avoid you having to  repeat the vacuuming process!

So, your first agenda will be your garage or attic. In this area start  from the topmost portions of shelves and/or furniture. Ensure that you wear gloves and a face mask to protect yourself from dust and abrasive surfaces.  Consider discarding possessions that have spent a year in the house but have not been used. Sell them at a garage sale or put them to better use. You can also choose to donate them to a local charity or give them to a relative or neighbour who can make better use of them. Clearing all domestic areas of unused knickknacks will help improve ventilation and keep these rooms from becoming fire hazards..

Using Space Saving Ideas

Unsure where to put some of the things you do have? Make use of clever storage ideas that solve some of your storage dilemmas. For example, you can set up two layers of shelves on the top portions of the room or get those that hang against the wall or closet door fill these with knickknacks. You can also make do with multi-level hangers for your clothes, as well as arranging your garments by color or category, whichever saves the greatest amount of space.

It is best to do the organising before you go out and buy the storage boxes or solutions you need. This ensures you are not purchasing storage that you do notend up using.

Digitise Your Data

Having your photos scanned and saved on DVDs or a hard drive can not only reduce space but also ensure that your special photos retain their original color and print quality. In addition, you reduce the risk of losing them as a result of house fires, mould, and other unfavourable factors. You are also able to classify and store your pictures in an efficient manner that makes it easier for you to find the images you are searching for. Consider doing the same to vital documents that you have, as well as your music collection.

Make sure that everything has its place. If not, you can either  discard it or forwarded it onto someone else.

Keep tabs on everything by monitoring your home via CCTVs or a security camera system. You should also install a house alarm system that can alert you to any suspicious activity that compromises home security. Better yet, have your home automated so everything is streamlined and efficient! To learn more about this security feature, call Eversafe Australia now on (03) 900 10 900 and enjoy FREE Consultation service.

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