How Letterbox Thieves Compromise Your Privacy and Finances

Earlier this week, popular local show A Current Affair touched on the subject of letterbox theft.

Tracy Grimshaw, the programme’s host, showcased interviews of a number of people who shed light on the issue. She even featured Eversafe’s very own Paul Mase, who gave his rationale as to why he believes security surveillance cameras are essential in combating letterbox theft.

The program showed CCTV camera footage of “letterbox raiders” going through the mail at several Australian homes.

Most of the recordings showed the perpetrators in hooded tops, which concealed their facial features. However, in some of the shots, the hoods fell down, revealing the thieves’ appearance.

“They come in the middle of the night when everybody’s asleep and just help themselves,” said a housing complex manager interviewed by the show’s reporter Laura Francis.

“It’s not just mail they take, it’s people’s identity,” he added. He also said that thieves have been repeatedly targeting a number of houses on his street.

The reporter stated that the “bandits” wait until dark to steal residents mail then “help themselves to your money the very next day.”

When asked how thieves managed to get their hands on the mail, the manager said that they “put their hand in and take the mail out.” With that being said, it appears that the robbers can get what they want without much difficulty – a fact that should be troubling for all homeowners with highly accessible and frequently unlocked letterboxes.

A victim of letterbox theft, Lisette Francois, was also interviewed for the story.

According to the report, the Melbourne resident had been waiting for her new credit card to arrive in the mail. However, she didn’t know it had already arrived – the thieves beat her to it.

Later, she received a phone call from someone she thought was a representative of her bank. She said she was asked to confirm her name, address, and her date of birth.  Little did she know that those were the details the thief needed in order to have the ability to use her card. She was scammed “$6,000 in just 6 days.”

Her neighbour also fell victim to mail and identity theft. Thieves stole his personal details – which made him concerned that they would start using his personal details and “pretend to be me without me even knowing.”

The reporter then went on to say that this phenomenon is not limited to one area – it’s happening all over Australia.

Paul Mase, security expert and owner of Eversafe, told Francis that a number of his clients have requested the installation of CCTV cameras specifically for the protection of their letterboxes, not just their houses.

“Identity theft is definitely on the rise,” Mase said.

He also said that police require evidence in order to charge a criminal. “The better quality the evidence, the more chance the police have of charging that person of a crime,” Mase explained.

CCTV footage can be used by the authorities to build up a real case against an offender. You may recall that the Jill Meagher case heavily relied on footage taken from a security camera in the area where the crime took place in order to apprehend and charge her attacker.

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