4 Things to Do Within Minutes of Moving In

You have said goodbye to your old home and have taken your first definitive steps towards moving into your new permanent residence.

You have your possessions in tow – boxes marked with a list of their contents. If piled together, they become a small hill! The sight of this many belongings can get your anxiety levels rising as you imagine the enormity of the task ahead.

Don’t lose your cool! Take a deep breath and remember you can enlist the help of removalists or your family members to assist with  putting everything in order.

Aside from the matter of putting everything in its place, you should also consider undertaking the following additional activities:

Prepare an inventory

If you hire removalists before you allow them to leave, count your boxes and furniture and ensure that all are items are accounted for and have not incurred any damage. You should prepare a list of your belongings before the actual move so you can accomplish this task quickly and with ease.

Check your utilities

Turn on your taps and try flushing your toilets. Do they work? Turn on the lights and test the outlets. Are they functional? To ensure they are functional on the day you move in, have your landlord or estate agent see to it that the basic necessities are up and running at least a week before you arrive.

In addition, you should know where the main power panel is located, as well as the main water and gas shut-off levers.

Ensure all openings have locks

Check your doors and windows: do they have locking mechanisms? Are they functioning and well-sealed? If you have external storage such as a sheds or a garage, they should be locked and ideally have padlocks.

If you have the funds to do so, it is worth changing the locks in your new house. You can do this in advance so that you will not have to deal with this matter upon your arrival. This will ensure that nobody else will have access to your residence, other than you.

Activate your home security system

Do not stop at the locks – go  further by securing your house with an alarm system and CCTV cameras. Both of these items have been known to be an effective burglar deterrent and will help you monitor the goings on in and around your residence. Your house security system should be ready to use upon your arrival so that you will be sure to sleep soundly at night. Have any security system tested about a week before the move.

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