Bill Gates has a mansion he named “Xanadu 2.0” – a house that features cutting-edge technology within its interiors. It is said that those visiting his home are given pins that help adjust lighting, music, and temperature in accordance to the preferences of the guests.  This very modern and high-tech home, which took about 7 years to build and cost $63 million dollars, was completed in the 90s. It was considered a home ahead of its time and is one of the early examples of home automation.

Perhaps you are one of those who think that only wealthy people can have such technologically advanced features in their own residence. If this was 2 decades ago, you’re probably right. But this is the Digital Age now. Never has been there a time like this where new technological developments occur every few months or shorter.

As such, sophisticated devices are more readily available to users like you and can even be acquired at reasonable prices. This means you can have a smart home equipped with a modern security system and CCTV cameras that can be controlled remotely even without spending hundreds and thousands of your hard-earned Australian dollars. This way, you improve domestic safety without burning a hole in your pocket.

Automating your residence is one of the wisest decisions you will ever make. Even industry observers will agree. ABI Reseach, among others, predicts that approximately 90 million houses the world over will use home automation systems by the time 2017 comes around. Bill Gates’ residence may not be so unique by then. And your own should by then be a smart home itself.


The concept of an automated house has been the subject of various fictional writings, films, and TV programmes. Over the years, especially in the last two decades, what was merely a projection or a blueprint started becoming a tangible reality.  The advent of electricity, electrical appliances, and the Internet furthered this development. However, the earlier versions were less integrated the devices do not communicate to each other and worked independently. These set-ups still exists today, along with the more sophisticated and integrated ones.

The Home of the Future

Today, your Melbourne home’s automation system will not merely be remotely managed via a remote control, it can be adjusted via your very own iPhone or iPad. This makes your smartphone or tablet PC a truly powerful and essential gadget, helping you live a more hassle-free life.

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