Finally, a place to call your own!

Perhaps you have moved to a more desirable home or have acquired your very own house for the first time. It’s always great to get that feeling of going home, however the adventure to home ownership does not stop there.

Of course, you need to install home security devices to protect yourself from various risks, like fire or intruders. However, alarm systems and CCTV cameras are not the only things that you should consider including in your home.

Your challenge now lies in making your new residence suitably habitable. You know, the kind that makes it feels like a real home.

So, how to dress up that shell of a house or apartment so it becomes that domestic haven you have always wanted? Here are a few clever suggestions:

Decorate with plants

Flowers effortlessly brighten up spaces and make them seem more vibrant. Buy a bouquet of your favourite blooms and put them in vases placed at various locations in your house. You can also buy a few bonsai or small potted plants that are low-maintenance and thrive well in your area. See to it that the varieties you get are not the kind that triggers allergies among your fellow occupants.

Use furnishings of a cheery colour

Fluorescent shades? Well, more like pastel hues! You can take cues from the current colour blocking trend and apply that to your interiors. Just make sure that the shades complement each other. For example, if your couch is beige, use a mustard yellow curtain or throw pillows to keep things from looking drab. Consider using furnishings that are patterned or printed as well. The key is offsetting dark colours with lighter ones.

Display family photos creatively

Take your best snapshots and arrange them artfully on a wall in your living room. You can simply line them up in rows like a mosaic. You can do the same thing in your bedrooms and dining area. If you are the type of person who believes photos are meant to be framed, purchase those small ones that can house a single photo and hang these on your walls.

Add DIY decors

Take out those lovely artworks done by your kids and assign them to a space especially dedicated for them. If you are into arts and crafts or have received a particularly lovely piece of hand-crafted art, find a place for them on your walls or tables. By doing this you put your “fingerprints” all over the place and make your home reflect the kind of lifestyle you lead or interests you hold close to your heart.

Install a home security system

A home is considered a haven of safety. The best way to realize this ideal is by setting up precautionary measures that help reduce risks. Make sure you install a smoke detector, home alarms, security surveillance cameras, and locks in all openings, including closets.

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