A headline from The Daily Telegraph published at the beginning of the winter season reads:

“Wild weather blamed for warehouse roof collapse in Western Sydney”

Fortunately, nobody was harmed by this incident, which was said to be “caused by the wet weather overnight.”

This kind of situation could happen to a warehouse in Melbourne, a State that’s no stranger to adverse weather disturbances.

If you own a storage facility as well, you should protect your commercial building from risk in order to reduce losses and keep your business profitable. To combat the effects of environmental disturbances, it pays to reinforce your building’s structure and to perform regular maintenance so that your premises holds up well against the elements.

Investing in commercial security will also help keep your business afloat and prevent other risks such as the following:

  • Fire

This can be caused by a number of things. It can be an electrical short, combustion of flammable products or substances, or warehouse staff negligence – factors that can be managed.

In an earlier blog, we spoke of preventing house fires by doing regular checks of heaters and chimneys – components that produce heat. You can apply the same practice in your own warehouse, with a few adaptations.

You should ensure that the interiors are well ventilated and that all machinery and equipment is regularly checked. In addition, you should prohibit your employees from smoking on the premises and help enhance their knowledge and practice of fire safety. You can install signs at strategic locations for this purpose.

  • Operational Errors

It’s possible that some of your inventory may be damaged due to rough or improper handling, as well as occupational accidents. It is also possible that the absence of SOPs can create security breaches.

These can be mitigated with the provision and implementation of operational processes, proper training, and hiring the right people. Providing the right tools and equipment will also help to prevent mishaps on the job, as well as the installation of protective mechanisms.

In addition, having competent and proactive people managing the ins and outs of your warehouse will assist with minimising or preventing losses. Ensure security measures are enforced and upheld at all times.

  • Theft

This is one of the most significant security risks for your commercial building. At the same time, it’s also something that is within your control. Consistent and proper monitoring of stored items will help you ascertain whether your inventory is all accounted for.

Installing a security system suitable for commercial settings also helps you to keep tabs on your investment without needing to be physically present at your facility at all times.

To protect your commercial premises with a CCTV system, enlist the help of professionals. Enquire with Eversafe Australia about security solutions that are suitable for your commercial establishment. Call us now on (03) 900 10 900 and schedule a FREE security assessment and quote!