Welcome to the first edition of Eversafe Security News for 2013!


We are very excited to be back… not that we really ever left, we spent our Christmas holidays looking after the security needs of many Melbourne schools who needed to upgrade their security before the new school year commenced!


If you are a parent we’re sure the health and safety of your children is always at the top of your mind, more so when they are away from you such as when they are at school or in public places. That is why we’re encouraging schools to take up our Free Security Inspection to make sure that they have the right kind of security monitoring and camera security in place to keep a watchful eye over your children when you can’t be there.


If you think your child’s school needs security improvements let them know. You can even direct them here to help them understand the importance of their responsibility.


In addition to schools we are also working with local Melbourne councils to improve community safety in public places. As a resident you have a right to expect your community is kept safe and secure by those people who you have elected to do so. We’re talking to Councils constantly, and you can get involved too, if there is an area in your community that is of particular concern for you, then send this link to your local council and get the conversation started about improved community security.


Of course we also offer Free Home and Business Security Inspections as part of our customer service to help you understand your needs, meet your budget and feel confident that you have made the right choice about investing in an Eversafe security system.

For more information contact us directly at any time with your questions or to book your FREE Security Inspection. Simply Call 03 900 10 900



Until next month,


Paul Mase

Director – Eversafe Australia

“Protecting The Dream”