This month is typically a common month for families to head to warmer climates during the upcoming June/July school holidays.  Before you go we urge you to consider whether you have made your home as secure as possible.  Also we ask you to be mindful of whom you notify of your absence, this includes posting on social media about your departure or destination.

Eversafe Australia can assess the safety of your home before you leave with a free security assessment.  All of our home security systems are effective, user-friendly and come backed by a full manufacturers warranty.

Our wide range of reliable security products such as CCTV cameras and alarm systems can be discreetly installed.  In addition, we understand that your security requirements will change based on the size of your property and complexity of your situation.

Contact Eversafe TODAY on 03 900 10 900 or email to have your home or business security needs assessed promptly.