The end of 2012/2013 Australian Tax Year is fast approaching!  This time of year is a busy time for all businesses for tidying up loose ends and reassessing resourcing requirements for the next year.  It is also therefore a good time to re-evaluate the current security system/s you have in place for your residential or commercial property.  Here at Eversafe we challenge you to ask yourself whether you can confidently say that you feel 100% protected in your establishment. Who’s keeping watch over your house, store, school, or office whilst you are away or preoccupied with other important tasks?

If you have never thought of asking yourself these questions, now is the optimum time to do so.  And there’s never been a better time to look and investigate the best solutions.  Eversafe Australia has been keeping Melbourne Businesses and Homes secure for over a decade.

Our business security systems and home security systems are fully compliant and insured and come backed by a full manufacturer’s warranty.

Our wide range of reliable security products such as CCTV camera and video surveillance and systems, video intercom, alarm monitoring services and total security integration packages can be discreetly installed.  In addition, we understand that your security requirements will change based on the size and complexity of your situation.

In order to have your security system booked and installed prior to the end of this current tax year please contact Eversafe TODAY on 03 900 10 900 or email