Safeguard and invest in your business security now to avoid the loss that could come later if you don’t.


video security monitoringAn investment in your business security is an investment that will help your business both now and in the future. For many business owners, spending thousands of dollars on a security system may seem unnecessary, and unfortunately it’s not until a business owner experience a break in do they fully understand the cost and set back this type of event has on their business.


Think about it. After a robbery, there is so much you need to do to get your business back on track, which inevitably takes you the business owner away from more important things like growing your business.  Investing in your business security makes ‘good business’ sense and that’s why many Melbourne owned businesses and franchisees choose Εversafe as their security system provider of choice.


Our personalised service and tailored security packages enable our team to provide the  security system that is just right for your business.



Eversafe has all types of business security systems.


Commercial Security – Eversafe Commercial Security systems utilise the latest technology to provide you with advanced detection of unauthorised entry. Commercial premises have specific requirements due to their size, nature of products held on site and operating hours and therefore the security systems need to fit within these specific requirements. Remote access monitoring allows you to manage your premises security any time day or night. Commercial security cameras are proven deterrents to theft, fraud and OH&S issues coupled with Remote Access Viewing you now have a quick and easy way to record events and manage your commercial security response from wherever you are, easily and effortlessly. CCTV cameras safeguard your business and monitor onsite commercial security activity with swipe cards, key pad access and badging. You can easily keep track of visitors and employee movements during day to day activity, and in case of emergency.


CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) –

With CCTV you can be assured that crimes against your business premises, including product theft, vandalism and crimes against people, such as bullying, are being monitored and minimized.  CCTV acts as a deterrent for criminal activity simply by being there, and provides real time footage, so when trouble does occur you can monitor what’s happening and respond accordingly. It provides you with 24/7 real footage of who enters your premises. Plus you can also combine CCTV with access control and monitoring devices for added protection. Find out how our Security Monitoring can protect you.



Business Alarm systems- Business alarm systems help business owners and managers to monitor onsite activity, via swipe cards, key pad access and real time CCTV footage. Eversafe’s alarm security system access control systems commercial securityincorporate the latest technology to take your management options to a whole new level. Using modern commercial alarms access control technology, our alarms and security systems allow you to monitor and manage your commercial alarm system from virtually anywhere in the world. The more advanced alarm systems give you the ability to use smart phone technology to manage their business alarm systems from wherever they are, any time.


Camera Packages –

All Eversafe security surveillance systems allow you to record from multiple cameras and play back pre-recorded footage. This is an advantage for your business if incidents of robbery or otherwise violent crimes occur on your premises, as you will be able to provide accurate descriptions of events and perpetrators to investigators. The latest in camera packages gives you the ability to receive email alerts when motion is detected, and many of our business security camera systems even allow you to connect in to your cameras from a remote location using a PDA phone, laptop or even an iPhone, Android phone, BlackBerry PDA phone or Windows mobile PDA phone.



Building Access Control –

Keypads Access Control is an electronic site access control system that restricts and controls users by doors, floors, and even lifts. You can also limit the days and times access can be available. Access control systems allow you to improve your onsite security through the ability to track movement throughout your premises.

Most businesses, whether large or small, have a requirement to control access to their premises. Access Control Systems can help you protect your property and sensitive information, and also provide a safer working environment for your employees and visitors.


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