That is the question!

So, you’re thinking of plumping for the cheaper option and installing dummy CCTV cameras around your home or business?  But before you do, there are a few things you ought to consider.


-          Cost

From a quick google search, it’s clear that dummy CCTV cameras are the cheaper option, which can be hugely tempting for business and homeowners looking to save money.  But is it false economy?

-          Quick to install

With a dummy camera, you can pretty much install it yourself.  There are no holes to drill, no electric wires to connect – and therein lies the real problem.  The reason they’re quick and easy to set up is because they’re not actually connected to anything, not even your alarm system.

-          Good deterrent against inexperienced burglars

Most false CCTV cameras can look convincing to the inexperienced eye, especially from a distance; but get up close and there is the possibility that your burglar will twig and gleefully carry on and break into your home or business.


-          Potential lawsuit

It may surprise you, but if you have signs saying something like: “CCTV in operation” but you’re using dummy cameras – you are creating a sense of false security – and opening yourself up to a potential lawsuit should things go wrong.

-          They won’t fool experienced burglars

The cheapest fake CCTV cameras have one very big tell – they don’t have a flashing LED showing that they are switched on and active.  Whilst some of the more advanced fakes do have this function; there is still no fooling a seasoned burglar who will know what else to look for.

-          Zero reduction in your insurance premium

Did you know that having working CCTV alongside your alarm system can actually REDUCE your insurance premiums?

-          If the worst happens – there’s no evidence

This is the biggest cost to the homeowner or business owner.  In the event that you are a victim of burglary and you’ve only installed dummy CCTV; you won’t have any coverage to show the police.

CCTV can be a highly effective addition to your alarm system, and here at Eversafe, we have a range of systems that can be tailored to suit your needs that still offer excellent value for money.

Some of the great features on our CCTV systems include: remote access, so you can be sure that, wherever you are and whatever you’re doing, you’re home and business are secure.