They look real, they have blinking LED lights, and some even come with warning signs. So, why not use them?

In a previous article we spoke about the use of dummy cameras and how they can lower your insurance premium with an Eversafe security system. We quoted Leon Reid, a convicted burglar, as saying that a fake surveillance device could discourage would-be thieves from targeting a house.

However, not all would buy into this theory.

Those new into the burgling circuit may be fooled but more experienced robbers can tell a fake CCTV camera from a real one. According to Christopher Middleton in his piece featured in The Telegraph, “burglars bypass the cheap systems and spot dummy alarms a mile off.” As such, you should not be scrimping on your home security.

The Case for Dummy Devices

Those who are trying to balance their finances and stretch their budgets are more likely to find fake cameras an attractive option. After all, keeping burglars from entering your home is the main purpose for installing them, right? There is no need to fuss over the electrical connections and other things connected to using such devices. Some models which are solar powered even reduce the need for the homeowner to be mindful about replacing the batteries every now and then.

Also, those subscribing to this option may also believe that despite the CCTVs capacity to monitor activity 24/7, they remain silent observers, unable to stop burglars from acting out their plans.

Why It Makes Sense to Invest

Although cameras may be silent observers, they provide powerful evidence that can help the authorities build a case against burglars and put them behind bars. Also, they DO help deter crime, as a former thief confirmed.

CCTV Cameras are not merely for deterring burglaries – they help you to keep an eye on your property no matter where you are in the world. As such, you avoid getting anxious and stressed about the house you have left behind. You can sleep soundly knowing how things are, especially with security systems that involve home automation, as this allows users to manage alarms, heating, lighting, and even the cameras remotely.

The same goes with businesses. If you own one, there is no reason why you should not install real cameras, given your dealings in sensitive transactions and your ownership of valuable inventory.

Having a security system in your own home or business establishment is not as costly as you think. Make that all important step towards improving your home security, as well as that of your office or store, by calling Eversafe Melbourne today on (03) 900 10 900. We will provide you with an obligation FREE Quote when you do so!