Setting a well defined business security plan is critical to the stability of any company or organisation.    Preventing theft and interruptions to your business operations cannot be achieved by security equipment alone, it must be complimented by a comprehensive business security action plan.

Staff involvement and communication

Managing and communicating policies to staff is a big part of business security.   For any policy to be effective it must be part of staff training, monitored, allow for staff feedback and employee input.  Staff must be made aware of the expectations placed on them and made aware that their activities are being monitored.

Having procedures in place for when an incident occurs is essential to stability and peace of mind.  Consider what you would need to do if something went wrong, who it would need to be communicated too (stakeholders), how staff would be consulted and how missing or damaged goods could be replaced.  Having a tailored security system for your business will give you easy access to recorded footage which will greatly aide police and potentially lower insurance costs.

Managing internal risk

Internal risk factors to business security include loss of data due to stolen or damaged equipment, where backups are stored and procedures for getting it restored.  The overall aim is to minimized interruptions to your day to day operations.  Some preventative measures for data loss or tampering include installing antivirus and firewall software on all company computers, knowing who has access to data, regularly changing passwords and setting internet access limits.

It is particularly critical to protect customer data as the release of such information is extremely damaging to a companies reputation. Testing backup and access restriction systems is very important, even if it is time consuming and generally requires some outsourced expertise.

Lost and stolen hardware

When a device that has company sensitive information on it or access to the businesses network is stolen or misplaced it is essential to take action as soon as possible to isolate your network from them.  Even if the devices have password protection it is better to be safe than sorry!

Finding the right provider for your business security needs be difficult, but the loss of revenue, reputation and trust will be so much more expensive in the long run if you fail to take precautions. It won’t take long for the benefits to be felt when you secure your business, protecting vital data, staff and your customers.

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