Verkada CCTV Cloud Security

Verkada CCTV cloud security is a line of hybrid cloud security cameras. They combine powerful, edge-based processing with the limitless capabilities of cloud computing. Utilising Verkada’s hybrid cloud architecture, camera systems analyse events in real time. Further, Verkada’s industry leading computer vision technology creates instant insights that add speed and efficiency to investigations and security incidents.

Command is Verkada’s centralised web based platforms. There, users can find the footage they require in mere seconds. By utilising the industry leading motion detection, vehicle analytics and people analytics features, teams can also search across their organisation for the right footage. There is no need to scrub through incidents manually.

Verkada’s cameras feature built-in, onboard storage, with extended options allowing up to 365 days of continuous recordings. Further, Verkada’s cameras can self-manage, process and safely store footage locally on each device. Cloud-based archiving also allows you to save and share as much footage as needed. As a result, you no longer need to worry about managing and maintaining devices, like NVRs.

Available in both indoor and outdoor models, Verkada CCTV security cameras allow users to access events and associated footage from virtually anywhere from any device. And all Verkada traffic is automatically protected with end-to-end encryption.

Verkada Warranty

All Verkada hardware is also backed by a 10-year limited warranty. For further information, visit Verkada.

Verkada CCTV

Verkada CCTV Features

Verkada also leads the industry with the reliability of on-camera, solid-state storage, with cloud accessibility. Further features include:

Simple to Install

  • Cameras come online and configure in minutes
  • No NVRs, DVRs, or servers—just a PoE connection
  • No added software or complexities like port forwarding

Ready for Scale

  • No added equipment needed to support additional cameras
  • Bandwidth-friendly, using 5-20 Kbps per camera
  • Scale to thousands of cameras across all locations

Easy to Use

  • No training required to access footage and features
  • Centralised management for seamless access anywhere
  • Find, download, and also share footage from any device

Cloud-Managed Solution

  • Instantly share live footage via SMS and email
  • Live, proactive alerting based on unusual activity
  • People counting and heatmaps to visualize your space
  • Also secure remote access on any device anywhere
  • Real-time alerts if cameras fall offline
  • SAML-based integration with single-sign on (SSO) solutions
  • Also features continuous updates with new AI features

Video Security Hardware

Verkada CCTV also has a range of camera styles to suit your needs. These include:

The Dome Series

The dome series comes in a wide range of indoor and outdoor options. Further, they are vandal resistant, with IK08 and IK10/IP67 ratings for indoor and outdoor use. They also offer up to 365 days of onboard video retention with image resolutions from 2MP-4K.

The Bullet Series

The bullet series is built tough with an IK10-rated CNC aluminum housing for unmatched precision and durability. As a result, it is available in 5MP and 4K image resolutions. The bullet also has a waterproof IP67 rating and features a hermetically sealed lens assembly. And it features up to 365 days of onboard video retention.

The Mini Series

The mini series is a discreet design, perfect for indoor applications. It features a high resolution image quality with options for 5MP and 4K. it also features up to 365 days of onboard video storage.

The Fisheye Series

The fisheye features 180° of panoramic views from all angles. This gives it the ability to view the captured area in separate quadrants. It also features high-resolution image quality with 12MP and up to 90 days of onboard video retention.

Verkada CCTV Command Platform

The Command Platform is an all-in-one cloud-based management software for Verkada CCTV security cameras. Command is designed to deliver simple access and management for all cameras and users, across all sites, virtually anywhere in the world. Further, by utilising Command, users can set up new cameras, manage settings, create new sites, access live and archived footage, manage users, and access the advanced features powered by Verkada’s edge-based analytics. Features of Command include:

User Permissions and Account Security

  • 2-factor authentication
  • User permissions can also be controlled at camera, site and organization levels
  • SAML/OAuth support for single sign-on

Archiving and Sharing

  • Create and share Live Links with first responders
  • Command licenses include unlimited cloud archiving
  • Users can also easily export any footage in a shareable MP4 format

Remote Access

  • Access from any device (desktops, smartphones, tablets)
  • Native apps for iOS and Android, Apple TV, and Verkada’s VX51 Viewing Station

Powerful Edge-Based Analytics

  • Search footage by date, time, and motion
  • Access People and Vehicle Analytics to simplify investigations

Verkada’s People Analytics

Vekada’s People Analytics simplifies and speeds up investigations with intelligent people and face detection. Further, this feature is available across products. Verkada’s People Analytics combines intelligent edge-based video processing with computer vision in the cloud. This also allows users to access high-quality images of all individuals identified in the scene. With Verkada’s centralised management platform, customers can also filter people by various attributes, including:

  • Date
  • Time
  • Clothing colour
  • Appearance
  • Facial matches
  • Backpack detection

Verkada CCTV Intelligent Cloud Security

Verkada’s industry leading technology brings intelligence to your investigations. Further intelligent features include:

Face Search

Verkada also allows users to quickly search for matching people. As a result, you can simply select an existing face from your organisation or by uploading an image.

Attribute Filters

Attribute filters are based on a range of attributes, including clothing colour, gender appearance, and facial matches.

Person History

Verkada users can browse through high-resolution snapshots of people detected in frame. As a result, uses can save snapshots or easily access associated full-resolution video.

Cross-Camera Tracking

Verkada cloud security can easily find potential suspects or people of interest across all cameras deployed across all sites. Users can also create and export playback of multiple angles of a person to quickly provide evidence

Investigate Anywhere

People Analytics is also available from any device and can be accessed from virtually anywhere in the world.

Verkada’s Vehicle Analytics

Further, Verkada’s analytics allows users to quickly search and filter to find vehicles of interest.

Verkada Vehicle Analytics

Vehicle Analytics is a powerful edge-based feature that gives users high quality images of all vehicles identified in a scene. The centralised management platform also allows users to filter vehicles by time, date, colour, body type, and vehicle make. As a result, you can find vehicles with ease thanks to the vehicle analysis features:

Vehicle History

Vehicle history also allows users to browse through high-resolution snapshots of vehicles detected in frame. Further, users can save snapshots or easily access associated full resolution videos.

Investigate Anywhere

You can also access vehicle analytics from any device. As a result, it can be access for almost anywhere in the world.

Cross-Camera Tracking

This feature allows you to easily find similar vehicles of interest across all cameras deployed across all sites. Users can also create and export playback of multiple angles of the vehicle to quickly provide evidence for investigations.

Attribute Filters

Users can also filter vehicles based on a range of attributes including colour, body type and vehicle make.


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