According to The Daily Telegraph, “one in four children from Year 4 to Year 9” is bullied. The last few years of primary school is the period where the said abuse is at its peak, with 32 percent of the students victimized. With those in Year 8, 29 percent of them have reported being subjected to attacks. For the Year 9 ones, it has been found that nearly half of them are either bullying others or are being bullied.

It sounds quite alarming, doesn’t it? However, it’s the facts and they are real. They have been collected by a research group commissioned by the Government to do the survey.

Although this situation is definitely not good, the great news is that it can be controlled and reduced. What’s even more encouraging is that the essential solutions are not very complicated – one of the effective ones simply involves the installation of surveillance cameras.

Academic institutions that were given funding by the government through the Secure Schools Program spent their allocation on lighting, fencing, window improvements, and CCTV. Not long after the installation of 57 cameras, one high school announced a 70% reduction in bullying, as reported through The Daily Telegraph.

How about your own learning centre? Does it have the surveillance equipment that will help you prevent acts of abuse or address them properly? Of course, you don’t install CCTV cameras merely for the purpose of putting a stop to bullying. Setting up a cutting-edge security network that allows efficient monitoring of your premises will also help you mitigate other safety risks or undesirable behaviours such as vandalism and theft. This is because potential troublemakers are less likely to act out their intentions when they know that they are being observed and that their actions are recorded.

With this, your security system also acts as a crime or misbehaviour deterrent. In reference to that well-known expression, preventing an undesirable event from happening is the better option than dealing with it in all its complications head on.

In addition, the footage you get from round-the-clock camera surveillance can be used as evidence for cases that require legal action. The recordings can also help you make sound decisions and reach fair resolutions because you have concrete data as your basis. There will be no second-guessing and less grey areas.

If you want to safeguard your students and make good your guarantee to their parents to keep them from harm’s way while they are in your care, take solid steps to upgrade your current security system and enhance the way you monitor your youthful charges.

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