The story about the News International editor, Rebekah Brooks’ husband, being caught on CCTV attempting to hide evidence from the police has been big news recently.  Not only did the CCTV cameras reveal the lengths that he went to in order to pervert the course of justice, but it also gave away every last one of his accomplices.  If ever there was any doubt about the value of having CCTV; this must surely have put it to bed.

The bigger question here, however, is about the placement of the cameras themselves.  Had they been installed elsewhere or pointing in a different direction – Rebekah Brooks may very well have gotten away with her deception.

So, what can you do to ensure your home or business security system is working effectively for you?

Strategic placement of CCTV

Placing your CCTV cameras to maximise coverage takes skill and an experienced eye.   Being able to recognise your home or business’ vulnerable zones takes professional knowledge and years of experience.  Badly situated cameras are unlikely to adequately protect you – these blind spots seriously compromise your security, so using a professional CCTV installer is recommended.

Mix Camera types

Rather than sticking to a standard full bullet camera or a dome; installing a combination of both not only allows you to capture a variety of angles and detail, but can also make it harder for an intruder to locate or be certain that they have located all your cameras (and avoid them).  Undetected cameras, much like the ones that caught Rebekah Brook’s husband and accomplices, can be the difference between catching criminal behaviour on tape and being empty-handed when the police turn up.

Remote Access

Being able to keep an eye on your home or business no matter what you’re doing or where you are was once a thing out of Sci-Fi movies – Not any more.  Some of the best (and not necessarily expensive) systems can connect to your smartphone, iPhone, tablet or PC.  All you need is an internet connection.

Eversafe has the expertise, knowledge, skill and professionalism you can rely on to install your CCTV system.  We work with you to deliver maximum CCTV coverage and provide a mixture of systems and camera types.  Best of all, many of our systems come with remote access – so you can sleep easy no matter where you are.