Once again, security surveillance cameras have played a part in strengthening evidence in an alleged rape incident, as well as with helping the police apprehend the perpetrator.

Early this month, news broke of a sexual assault of a 23-year-old woman by a man who, as reported by The Australian, was“of Middle Eastern appearance, 175cm tall, with olive skin, unshaven and with short, dark cropped hair. He was wearing jeans and a distinctive zip-up black leather jacket.”

“This woman did not know this man.. She refused his advances on a number of occasions as they were walking … it’s just an abhorrent crime,” said Sexual Crime Squad Detective Inspector Paul Binyon.

He also said that the most “disturbing” aspect of the case was that the victim was a new mother, having just given birth two months ago. The assault occurred on the night she was out with friends celebrating the birth of her baby.

Detective Inspector Binyon said that the CCTV footage of a man near the site of the assault is one of a “person of interest we would strongly like to identify.”

The man was caught on a CCTV camera installed outside the Witches and Britches theatre restaurant in West Melbourne. He was recorded walking ahead of the woman at about 3:05 am on Sunday 30th June 30.

According to The Australian, detectives investigating the case believe that the man may have approached her “200 metres further north, near the intersection of Victoria and William streets, West Melbourne.”

The latest update on the case reported that a 28-year-old man has been arrested, questioned, and released with regards to the assault. The police had not pressed charges against him as yet so that they can make further enquiries.

Inspector Binyon has said he and his team are “pulling out all stops to find this offender.”

“We think this footage will give us a really good head start. We’re confident this could be a strong link that puts the final link in the puzzle and helps us solve the crime,” he said.

“The public have been very helpful to this point but we are really looking for that final piece in the puzzle and we think this image will give us a good identification of this man,” he revealed.

“We think it’s a good quality image and we’re very confident that someone knows this person, they will be able to identify him readily from the image, from the details in the image, and we would ask anyone who knows that person to contact CrimeStoppers,” Inspector Binyon concluded.

It is clear in this investigation that CCTV camera footage played a significant role in helping the police to arrest and question the suspect..

This incident should make you re-evaluate your community’s existing security system. Do you have enough CCTV cameras monitoring all hot spots in your area? Do you have one monitoring your own home?

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