Can a home alarm system or a CCTV system lower your insurance premium?

The answer is YES!

It is interesting to note that the installation of your home alarm system, CCTV cameras or home automation system, can not only deter intruders, but also provide you with another benefit.  And if you don’t have some sort of security system in place yet, you’re probably missing out on a host of benefits!

Perhaps you’re wondering how exactly a home security system can decrease your insurance premium? It’s because if you install one it gives insurance providers the assurance that your home is burglar-proof and poses a reduced risk of encountering losses due to theft or fire and therefore the odds are less likely that in any given year you will make an insurance claim.

Surveys and interviews with burglars have revealed that they were less likely to target a residence if they knew there were security surveillance cameras or the house was equipped with an alarm system.

Take for example Leon Reid. Reid is a convicted burglar who has successfully raided 70 homes or more without even having to force his way in. Reid commented that alarms are deterrents, even if they are “fake.” He also stated that he had never attempted to break and enter a house that has a home alarm system.

He also said that a CCTV camera, even a “dummy” one, would also do the job of discouraging burglars from making your house a target.

Additionally, modern security systems are more sophisticated and reliable than ever, alerting you to intruders, smoke or other signs of fire. These innovative systems can also allow you to check on your house remotely through your smartphone or tablet.. In the case of home automation, you can even manipulate the temperature, alarms, and lighting in your home using your mobile gadgets no matter where you are in the world, as long as you have Internet connectivity.

These revelations should help to convince you of the effectiveness of security systems in safeguarding your home from intruders and other risks.

Some insurance providers will offer up to 20% discount on premiums – lower payments at the same coverage level. This is because insurance companies believe that this benefit also provides them with financial leverage as it reduces the possibility of them paying out due to theft or damage due to fire. In a way, the rebate they give is their way of investing in company profitability via a reduced number of claims.

Imagine all the additional things you can do with the extra money you receive from such a rebate! You can have that needed repair done or add another vital furnishing to your home or spend it on petrol, groceries, utilities, or put it into your bank account as extra savings.

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