Council Safety Security Alarm Systems

Keeping Local Councils and their Communities Safe!

Councils are accountable to their constituents and have a responsibility to keep their communities safe. This means that public spaces, common areas and their surrounding streets must have certain safety standards maintained to ensure that residents and visitors to the community feel safe, and potential security threats are minimised.

Community crime rates can have a major impact on local residents and the negative media attention that increasing crime rates attract can create  stir amongst the community and sway public confidence in councils effectiveness and the performance of their local leaders.

Eversafe seek to support local councils in their effort to do this through ongoing exploration into the best practices used in community areas for maintaining crime prevention against people and property.

Crimes against property and vandalism in the community are criminal acts which bring with them extensive repair bills often which local Council have to pay for. Eversafe assist councils in this area by exploring the best practices available surrounding community safety initiatives which sets the bar for Security in all local communities around Melbourne.

Benchmarking community safety initiatives improves performance targets and  community environment, and assists councils to strengthen their cost position and reduce budgets through utilising innovative approaches to the installation, operation and management of local community security systems.

Is your community in need of a security upgrade?

Local Councils have a responsibility to protect not only their own premises and the staff within them, but also the wider community by providing safer streets, shopping precincts and community recreation areas.

Eversafe Australia understands the pressure placed upon Councils and the demand to allocate resources effectively. For this reason, Eversafe Australia, work closely with all local Councils to develop comprehensive security solutions that work within your budget and meet the growing needs of your community.

Street lighting is obviously one factor in providing a measure of safety, but going that step further and installing security cameras and cctv is also of tremendous benefit to all residents and business owners within that shire.

Eversafe Australia provide the latest technology and best quality in CCTV, Video Surveillance, Access Control, Alarm Systems and Security Monitoring to keep Council and its staff safe, and keep your property and the community protected.

 “We were looking for Security Cameras that would prevent the theft of equipment when the Council offices are closed. We were looking for a company that we could trust, that provided reliable equipment and were professional. We came across Eversafe Security on the internet and were very impressed with their website because it advertised exactly what we were looking for to solve our problem.  We are extremely satisfied with the Security Cameras installed and feel confident that there will be a reduction of theft because we now have 24/7 visibility of the whole office area. Overall, we have peace of mind.”

Aaron Howie – Wyndham City Council


Councils need personalised service they can rely on….

Eversafe Australia understand that as a Local Council you have unique security needs. For that reason we tailor our solutions to meet the needs of both you and your community.

Access Control

Electronic Access Control Systems give you so much more flexibility than simply locking and unlocking doors.

An Access Control Security System gives you the ability to centralise your security functions and keep a watchful eye over your offices, giving you complete peace of mind.



CCTV cameras can provide real time footage, so you can monitor all areas of your office, street frontage and community areas in high resolution, real-time, colour video, providing the best in protection.

Having CCTV cameras throughout your offices gives staff added peace of mind and confidence in their safety.


Video Intercoms

Eversafe Video Intercoms and Door Entry Systems allow you to view and speak to visitors before you let them into your offices; giving you and your staff control over access to your premises.


Imagine being completely confident that you staff and constituents are protected in the event of a serious incident.

 Security surveillance systems provide a great source of confidence for you and those you are responsible for.


How we can help Local Councils meet their community security requirements

With an Eversafe security system you can have total control over your offices and maintain a watchful eye over your community. Alarm and Access Systems give you complete control over unauthorised entry to your premises and, should the need arise, CCTV will give you instant access to recorded footage, when you need it.


Why Eversafe

  • Protect Your Staff and Offices
  • Simplify and Control Access Within Your Premises
  • Increase Safety Within The Community
  • Prevent Staff Abuse and Monitor Workplace Activity
  • Show Your Community That You Care

Security surveillance systems provide a great source of confidence for you and those that you are responsible for.

Make your community a safe and secure environment for your staff and constituents to live and work.  Choose Eversafe Australia for your Security Needs.

For a FREE Security Assessment Of Your Council Offices and Local Community Contact Eversafe Australia 03 900 10 900