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Building access control systems that protect your Melbourne property

Does your business need a robust access control system for your buildings and offices that you can easily manage and rely on?

If you have one commercial premise or multiple sites with thousands or staff, Melbourne’s security specialists Eversafe has a tailored security solution that is easy for businesses to manage and control.

Our Melbourne electronic business access control system looks after the security of your whole building and also has the ability to monitor specific doors, floors and lifts.

The Eversafe solution includes:

  • Keypad door locks
  • Swipe card access technology for door access control
  • Visitor badging systems
  • Proximity card readers for remote access control
  • Wireless remote controls for faster door access control
  • Door access Control using biometric readers (i.e. finger scanners, face scanners and more!
  • PIN code pads for door access control
  • Smart Cards for site access control

Security systems to keep your business, staff and commercial interests safe

Eversafe offers the most comprehensive access control system in Melbourne and Australia. Businesses with our Melbourne access control system are also able to link to our security alarms, digital security cameras and video systems.Additionally it can be directly connected to individual IT networks and smart phone applications to ensure business owners know what’s going on and when it’s going on. Utilising our innovative keypad access control, Melbourne businesses can monitor, restrict and record staff and visitor movements throughout key locations.  You can also limit the days and times access is available. By making sure  you know where people are in your building/s you are ensuring that not only are your staff and property protected but so is your sensitive information be it HR related, competitive details or financials.

Key features of our Melbourne commercial building access control systems include:

  • Access control security door lock ability to restrict access
  • Door access control tracking
  • Business access control auditing
  • Site access control timing/attendance
  • Building access control ID card and printing systems
  • Business access control visitor badging systems
  • OH & S on-site tracking (i.e. for evacuation procedures)
  • Door access control for lift access control systems
  • HR support timesheet, staff movements

When it comes to access control and intrusion we only use the best brands ie.Tecom Challenger by GE, Concept 4000 by Inner Range, Paradox, Bosch and Honeywell.

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