Security Cameras Keep A Watchful Eye Over Your Business 24/7

Business security cameras decrease criminal activity

Businesses are difficult enough to run without the additional hassle of dealing with theft, vandalism and fraud. Unfortunately, in this day and age, as a business owner, if you don’t have the right security systems in place to avoid these possibilities, and minimize their damage, then your business may be doomed to fail. Business security cameras are a proven deterrent against loitering and suspicious behaviour and greatly prevent the likelihood of break-ins.


Fortunately, Eversafe offers a range of business CCTV Security Camera Systems to suit every budget

All Eversafe security surveillance systems allow you to record from multiple cameras and play back pre-recorded footage. This is an advantage for your business if incidents of robbery or otherwise violent crimes occur on your premises, as you will be able to provide accurate descriptions of events and perpetrators to investigators.

  • Reducing theft and stock loss
  • Reducing fraudulent unemployment claims
  • Reducing fraudulent lawsuits
  • Assisting with OH&S and HR monitoring and reporting
  • Assisting with staff management, and
  • Increasing workplace productivity overall

We’ll keep you in touch with your business, even when you’re on the go!

Our products make managing your onsite security so much easier. The advanced technology in the business security systems we provide gives you the ability to receive email alerts when motion is detected, and many our our business security camera systems can even allow you to connect in to your cameras from a remote location using a PDA phone, laptop or even an iPhone, Android phone, BlackBerry PDA phone or Windows mobile PDA phone.

Where else can a security system offer you protection, freedom and flexibility in one?

Eversafe Business Security Camera Systems feature:

  • Motion detection recording
  • Motion alerts
  • Remote viewing of live video
  • Night vision recording
  • Deterrence of theft
  • Identification and capture
  • Automatic recycling storage

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