How To Improve Your Business Security And Deter Robbery

Whilst non-security staff should not attempt to apprehend people behaving aggressively, they should know how to confront people acting suspiciously in a positive manner.

Training on business security should teach staff to look for suspicious behaviour

Staff should seek to politely interact with people who are acting suspiciously, by asking how they can help or what they seek in order to let them know they are being watched.

Assume that the potential for concealed weapons is always there

It is very easy to conceal life threatening weapons.  Business owners, particularly those who operate in retail should always treat visitors with caution.  Particularly at closing times or when there are fewer people expected on the premises.

How to take accurate descriptions of offenders

If a robbery or otherwise violent crime where to take place on your premises, you want to be able to provide an accurate description of the perpetrators to police.  The best way to ensure the likelihood of apprehension is to train the relevant employees to take note of distinguishing facial features, tattoos, complexion etc.  Having a business security system in place with CCTV is also an excellent way to identify offenders by reviewing recorded footage, in case the victim is in shock and cannot remember specific details.

How do I get business security monitoring?

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