Home Security using best of Home Automation technology

In its simplest form ‘home automation’ is any system within your home that gives you control over the way you live.

Imagine, being able to automatically close your curtains, dim your lights, turn on your music and set the temperature in your home at the touch of a button…

Now image that you can do all of that from anywhere in the world by simply logging in to your iPhone, iPad, any other smart phone or PC!

Home Automation Gives You The Flexibility To:

  • Control your home environment how you like when you want to
  • Live in a house that suits your lifestyle and responds to your changing needs, wants and desires
  • Enhance your comfort, security, energy efficiency, safety and environment within your household

Home Automation

  • security & safety
  • lighting control (indoor/outdoor)
  • climate control
  • multi-room audio/video control
  • home networking
  • control audio video devices
  • home theatre control
  • blinds, gates and awnings control
  • and so much more…

Home Automation – The Way You Want It To Be

Automated home security is just the beginning. You can design your ideal system to alert you about hazards in your home, control your home entertainment systems, manage the lights and temperature settings and much much more.

What is iPhone, iPad or iTouch Home Automation?

With Home Automation your iPhone transforms into a remote control that allows you to control and manage every electrical appliance in your home.

Using 3G technology your iPhone, iPad or any other Smart Phone device gives you the ability to control your home environment from anywhere in the world.

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