Business Security Risks At Opening And Closing Times

The opening and closing times for businesses pose a serious security risk. Employees are particularly vulnerable to attacks at these times from robbers and other forms of hostile behaviour.

Below are Everafe Security’s top tips on how to keep your business secure during these most vulnerable times.

Opening your business securely

Ideally a minimum of two employees should be present at the time a business opens and closes for the day.  One of the employees should have a clear view of the entry to the premises and be ready to contact authorities if a breach of business security incident occurs.  Upon entry into the premises it is essential to have a thorough routine for checking for signs of forced entry to ensure no intruders are on the premises.

Closing your business securely

Employees should be on the lookout for any visitors or customers that appear to be intentionally loitering or otherwise acting suspiciously.  After all non-staff have left the building a final walkthrough of the building should be conducted.  Restrooms, storage rooms and lounge areas are common hiding places for unwelcome lingerers.

What to do in a hostile confrontation

Training staff on what to do in the event of a robbery is an essential part of any business security policy.  In the event of a robbery staff should comply with the aggressor and focus on staying safe, non security staff should never attempt to apprehend a perpetrator and should contact authorities as soon as it is safe to do so.

How Eversafe can help you evaluate gaps in your security

It’s our business to keep you protected. Contact Eversafe today to book your free security inspection & assessment for your business. We can identify the most vulnerable areas of your business and develop the ideal security solutions.  Security systems tailored by Eversafe are an excellent deterrent to robberies and violent crime.  Call our office on (03) 900 10 900 or Email for more information on our commercial security solutions.

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