Business Security Policies You Need To Consider

Having well defined security policies are essential for your business security.  Everyone within the business needs to understand their role in maintaining the businesses security. They should be agreed to and signed when new employees join the company. Existing employees should be briefed on what their responsibilities are and gaps in current business security should be discussed.

CCTV Camera Warning

1. Email and Social networking

Your business security policies should cover appropriate content for company emails and social media sites.  Keeping your businesses sensitive information private is dependent on outlining the prevention of serious confidentiality incidents. Employees need to understand that their communications on social media sites reflect the culture and image of the business.

2. Visitor Management

Any unauthorized or unsupervised visitors can become a threat to the safety of staff and can potentially steal sensitive information about the business.  When deciding on your business security policy you need to decide on whether staff should escort visitors at all times or only in particular areas. A security system with access control and CCTV is the best way to monitor and control who enters your business.

3. Non-Disclosure agreements

NDA policies need to cover on communication by email, social media sites and of course verbal communication.  Without clear NDA guidelines your employees may share information about your business that can lead to legal complications.

4. Mobile device / PDA security

Smart phones can store a great deal of sensitive information about your business and can be an entry point into your network.  You should consider clear guidelines for mobile device data encryption and password policies to ensure that if they are misplaced they cannot be used for malicious purposes.

How Eversafe can help

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