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Ensuring that the senior citizens in your health facility are safe and truly cared for should be a top priority. To ensure an all rounded safe environment there are several are safety measure you need to factor in as well.

It is also important that you address the security of your premises, and the well-being of your staff. This is because your efforts to provide the best care for your elderly patients can affect the quality of your service, as well as the comfort and security of both your employees and clients.

Fire safety

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about ensuring your facility and its occupants are safe from fires? Perhaps you may think of fire extinguishers and exits, even smoke detectors. While these are indeed essential and effective, they mostly get used only when an actual fire has broken out.

You also need is to put a system in place that can help you prevent such an unfortunate event from occurring. You can install CCTV cameras at high risk areas and assign a staff to monitor these. This way, the slightest hint of trouble will be addressed before it escalates.

You can also draw up a set of guidelines for your staff to follow in order to minimize the occurrence of fire hazards. For example, nobody should smoke on the premises. Another is warning them that no flammable substances should be placed near heat or devices that can ignite the said products.

Accessibility of Entrances and Exits

Aside from making sure the doorways are elderly-friendly, they should be secure and monitored at all times. Just because you are not housing valuable merchandise does not mean you can afford to be a bit more relaxed on security. Theft is a constant possibility and can be done by an outsider or someone from within your premises. Don’t let your own nursing home fall prey to this crime.

Security of Staffs and Patients

Your facility should be a peaceful and stress-free haven for senior citizens. To preserve their peace of mind, see to it that your nursing home security system is in place. Install CCTV cameras in strategic locations and make sure they are discreet. See to it that your alarm systems are activated at the right times consistently.

Security of Physical Assets

Prevent costly property damage and vandalism by installing security cameras which can monitor the goings on in and around your nursing home and alert you to any unfavorable incidents. This way, you safeguard the privacy of your patients and assure your staff that they are safe while at work.

If your employees feel secure in your Melbourne facility, they will be more able to direct their energies in providing the care that elderly lodgers need and reduce stress. On the other hand, if your patients have peace of mind knowing your establishment has top-notch security systems, they have less reasons to be cranky or anxious which also makes it easier for your staff to handle them.

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