Until now, burglars still use ordinary tools to carry out their job. Only very few use the more modern and electronic ones. However, with the development of more sophisticated business security systems and other anti-theft devices such as CCTV cameras and alarm systems, burglary rates have fluctuated and even declined the past few years. According to statistics based on Victoria police records, overall crimes decreased by 5% while burglaries have gone down 3 percent.

This is an intriguing, considering the economic difficulties that have plagued different countries and companies for the last three or five years. As you know, crime rates are expected to rise during a financial crisis.

But this is not to say that losses have also gone down. The fact remains that businesses lose a significant amount of money to theft, despite the advent of modern technological developments. Also, improvements in burglary techniques are inevitable as would-be thieves will be brainstorming for more effective ways to carry out their plans.

Nevertheless, the fact remains that crime has gone on a downward slope. One of the reasons for this, as what analysts observe, is the use of sophisticated security systems.

In the past few years, the installation of business alarms and CCTV systems have increased and discouraged a good number of potential crimes. These have even been instrumental in the capture of perpetrators, with the footage or monitoring records serving to strengthen the case against burglars who have been brought to court.

Due to the efficiency and practicality of such security devices, no business is without them. Can the same be said of yours?

If you have an existing commercial security scheme, it pays to re-evaluate it to see whether it still working effectively. It’s dangerous to think that installing business alarm systems is all that you need to do to ensure your  establishment, workplace, or shop is secure.

You need to continually find ways to avoid being a victim of burglary because perpetrators are also constantly thinking of ways to cart off your assets. Along with modern alarm systems, you should also put anti-theft procedures in place. Remember that you also have to protect your business from the inside, as employee theft is a very real and costly reality.

It is said that crimes committed against businesses are typically not planned – they are the product of opportunities that the burglar happen to notice at the right time. In the same way, having no security plan or strategy also leaves you vulnerable to such opportunistic attacks.

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