Victorian Burglary Statistics Higher Than Ever

In the last 6 years burglaries in Victoria have risen by than 6%.

One average one in 69 homes is burglared. It begs the question, “Why aren’t more home owners investing in monitored home security systems?”

In fact, alarmed security systems are such a deterrent against crime that the latest statistics show 94% of burglaries would not occur if a would be thief was to encounter a home with a monitored security system.

These figures are the highest they have been in Victoria in five years. On top of the most highly targeted suburbs was Williams Landing which, last year, had one in every 15 homes burgled.

Overall the geographic area that is most widely targeted is Melbourne’s western suburbs with 7 of the top 10 ‘most likely to be burgled’ suburbs being in that area and two in the north.

Want to know if your suburb is Melbourne’s riskiest? Take a look at our top 40 here.


Here’s 10 of our top tips to reduce your chance of burglary

  1. Connect a home alarm system to a security monitoring service.paradox home security system
  2. Always check and maintain locks on all entry doors and windows. Locks should be well secured and made to Australian standards.
  3. Hiding a spare key is a No No! Even when you think it’s hidden, thieves are experienced and know where to look. Leave a spare key with a friend or neighbour.
  4. When on holidays, hold your mail at the post office or have a neighbour or friend clear your mailbox daily.
  5. If you wouldn’t post a sign outside your house containing all your personal information, then why would you post it on an online billboard for all the world to see? Avoid posting your travel dates on sites like social media, it’s a hot spot for would be thieves.
  6. You wouldn’t hand a thief the keys to your house, so likewise don’t leave tools lying around that they could use to break into your home. Lock your tools away in a safe secure place.
  7. Don’t advertise your purchases. If you buy a new TV, squash the box and put it out of sight in the trash. Leaving it on your nature strip for passers by to see just lets the burglars know in advance what goods you’ve got inside..
  8. Lock the front door when you are in the back yard.
  9. Out of sight out of mind, the rule applies with your valuables at home. Don’t leave wallets, mobile phones, car keys and other valuables in sight and accessible on the kitchen bench or hallway table.
  10. Keep your garden maintained and well lit, removing potential hiding spots for burglars.