Considering installing a new home security system? If you’re thinking of going for a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) option, there are a number of things you should bear in mind otherwise, you’re in danger of spending all that time and effort on a security system that wont be effective.

Underestimating the inventiveness of burglars

You’ve got locks on your front door, ground floor windows and sensors on what you think are the most accessible points around your home but a burglar has probably been at this for a long time and knows that there are other, easier ways to get in your home than trying to kick in your front door. Don’t be so certain that they wont think to climb in a second storey window, or try those lovely French doors leading onto your balcony. Make sure sensors cover upstairs as well as downstairs.

Thinking a wobbly Security System installation is good enough

If you’re new to installing into brick or plasterboard; chances are you could end up with a sensor or CCTV camera that refuses to stay upright and if any of the equipment is a bit loose, they can fall off – tripping your alarm unnecessarily.

Would you lock your car and leave your windows down?

No, neither would we. The reality is that many people do exactly that with their alarm system.  There’s almost no point in installing an alarm system if you’re not going to make you keypad code difficult to guess. Spend a few minutes changing the default alarm code to something a little less obvious than 0000 or 1234.

Thinking you’re covered even if you don’t set your alarm

Similar to mistake #3; this is more common than you might think.  The range of excuses can go from: I was only popping to the local shops, to I thought just having an alarm system would be enough to put a burglar off. Your security system cant protect your home if its not on.

Showing off your alarm system

Having your alarm system in full view is inadvisable. Experienced burglars will have some knowledge of existing alarm systems and how to bypass them. Even if they don’t; if they can see what type of system you’ve got installed, they can come back at their leisure once they’ve done some homework.

DIY security systems can be reasonable, but to avoid all the pitfalls and benefit from a raft of additional features such as remote access you should call Eversafe.