Each summer Australia sees an increase in the number of cyclists as bikes that spend the rest of the year resting get dusted off. Unfortunately, from a thief’s perspective, summer also makes for rich pickings.

Bike thieves are specialists that often steal from places that look safe when in reality they are not. To help you avoid the heartbreak of bike-theft, Eversafe is sharing these tips for keeping your bike safe and sound this summer.

1. Purchase good locks

An unsecured bicycle results in less work for thieves. If you spend just two seconds locking your bike up, you will greatly reduce its chances of becoming a target to the thieves. Spend money on purchasing a good bike lock. The more you spend – the better quality you’ll get. Hardened steel U-locks or D-locks are highly recommended.

2. Location

Ideally, leave your bike in a busy area, in view of CCTV cameras. Hiding your bike out of public view will give the thieves the time and privacy required to steal it.

3. Make your bike identifiable

Decorate your bike, add stickers or do whatever you like to make your bike appear unique.  These modifications will help easily identify your bike if it is stolen.

4. Record your bike’s serial number

Take a photo of your bike and record its serial number, which is located under the bottom crankshaft of the bike. If your bike gets stolen, the serial number will help to maximise the chances of recovering your bike.

No one wants to lose their bike to thieves. Please share this Eversafe security article with any cyclists you know.