Is your house smart?

The rapid development of new technology and its increasing integration into human lifestyles is fast growing. It is highly likely that in the future we will see homes with no key-operated locks or manual switches to front doors. Even now, there are homes with electrical fixtures and equipment that can be activated or managed by a single remote control. Plus many house alarm systems and security cameras can now be operated via Smart Phones!

If you want to improve your current home security system, you should look into having your home automated. This arrangement allows you to adjust your home environment, as well as your security set-up, remotely through the Internet no matter where you are. You can even take a holiday overseas and still be able to manage and keep an eye on home.

Do know that there are various types of home automation packages. To help you pick the best one for your home, consider the following:  Usability

Some set-ups may be a bit too technical or complicated for the average user. Others may not suit your domestic habits or require more time and effort for you to use. But this does not mean you have to compromise with one that is easier to use but does not have all the features you need. Focus on the fact that there is a home automation system that gives you great ease in using while giving your house the security it requires. It’s just a matter of finding the right product and enquiring with the right provider – one who can walk you through the process in operating the system and help you determine whether the product is truly easy to use.


What features are included in the system? Is there remote access? Will the devices work in an integrated manner? Can you access it via some other type of device such as a smart phone or tablet PC? Which appliances, electrical fixtures, and equipment will you be able to manage remotely? Asking how all these can be accessed also helps you understand whether the system is truly integrated.


If, for example, you already have an existing alarm system, look for an automation package that is compatible with your current home security scheme and can integrate this with the rest of its other features. Avoid overlooking this essential aspect so that you don’t make a costly expense.

Technical Support

What kind of assistance can the provider give in various scenarios? How will the company respond to different issues ranging from glitches to clarification of certain operation procedures? Will they be able to give you a tutorial or conduct regular checks? How fast can they replace, upgrade, or repair a component in the system?

Also, know how the provider can be reached when you have an enquiry or need assistance. Can they be contacted only by phone? Or can you also reach them by email, live chat, or website?

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