No one wants their home to be burgled, fortunately there are some things you, as a homeowner, can actively do to ensure your home looks like a less attractive option to would be thieves.

1. Don’t make it easy

From ladders to tall bins & anything that they can use to get into a second storey window where you’re less likely to have locks on windows, should be stored out of sight.

2. Don’t give thieves a shopping list

Leaving the empty boxes for your new Xbox One and 3D plasma TV in full view tells a burglar exactly what they can find inside your home.

3. Don’t just install an alarm & show it off

You don’t have to let everyone know the make and model of your alarm system, but having highly visible evidence of an alarm system can deter some would-be thieves.

4. Don’t be the best house on the street

We all like to take pride in our homes, but if yours looks better than the rest of your neighbors it can be a bit like hanging a sign on your home saying: Look at me! & We’re not saying go for the dilapidated look far from it as you’ll see next. Just blend in.

5. Don’t let your home fall into disrepair

A home that looks uncared for can be appealing for the opportunist thief. They want an easy target – and these days, they can almost guarantee that you’ll own a TV and other gadgets.

6. Don’t make it obvious that you’re on holiday

Nothing beats a pile of newspapers and mail for notifying a thief that you’re out of town. An empty home is a significant enticement – there’s little chance of being disturbed and there’s the opportunity too for a thief to take their time and return for your goods several times over.

7. Don’t let them know you’re not in

This includes having timers on the odd lamp, which can come on at various times in the evening; or not leaving an answerphone message saying that you can’t come to the phone right now because you’re in Fiji.

8. Don’t leave a spare key in the obvious places

Having a spare key handy in case you lock yourself out can be extremely useful. However, if you are going to leave a spare key outside your home within easy reach, avoid these obvious places: under your welcome mat, under a plant pot, on top of your front door, or under a conveniently placed rock or stone.

9. Don’t leave a window open

Thieves look for the easiest and fastest route in, and an open window is an open invitation.

10. Don’t leave your front door keys in your front door

It happens from time to time, but even if you’re in a rush & always remember to lock and take your house keys with you.