Uninterruptable Power Supplies


PowerShield Everything ZapGuard® PSZ8AV1 ZapGuard-8Way

This stylish eight outlet powerboard is equipped with both Aerial type coax connectors as well as F-type connectors.

Designed with the highest surge protection spec in mind and wide noise attenuation range this ZapGuard® has been engineered
to provide you with the highest level of protection and optimum performance for your valued and sensitive Home Theatre.

• 110 000 Amp surge protection • 40 900 Joules surge protection • 5 year warranty • $95 000 connected equipment warranty

ZapGuard® PSZ6NT

This ultra-modern and stylish six outlet powerboard with and Telephone / Network protection is the trusted option for providing real protection for your valued and sensitive electronic equipment such as photocopiers, printers, computers etc. • 43 500 Amp surge protection • 1494 Joules surge protection • Extra wide sockets for 2 plug packs
• Wall mountable • 5 year waranty

VoltGuard AVR

The PowerShield VoltGuard AVR will automatically maintain a constant voltage level to protect sensitive electronics from brownouts and over voltages. This cost effective compact device includes over voltage and under voltage protection which will turn off the supply to your equipment when the utility voltage moves out of the safe range and also provides surge protection to protect against transients.

PowerShield Your Small Office SafeGuard 750 VASAFEGUARD

The affordable PowerShield® SafeGuard UPS outstrips the competition by offering automatic voltage regulation (AVR), surge protection and high reliability in a compact package. The surge ratings on this unit rival the specifications of our competitor’s surge boards. Ideal for office and home workstations, switches / routers / modems, VOIP, telephone systems & POS. PowerShield® NetGuard® Auto Shutdown software included.

PowerShield Your Workstation Defender 650 / 1200 / 1600 VADefender-1200Defender-650

The Defender range uses Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) to minimise the effects of fluctuations in input voltage protecting your valuable equipment from power line disturbances.The stylish LCD display, user replaceable batteries and Australian sockets make the Defender the complete package at this level. The unit is bundled with PowerShield® NetGuard® software. • Boost and buck AVR for voltage stabilization • User replaceable batteries • Silent Operation (No fans included)

• Auto restart while AC is recovering

PowerShield Your Server Commander 1000–3000 VACommander-Tower

The Commander UPS is a line interactive, pure sine wave model designed to protect servers and large telephone systems. Every UPS includes PowerShield® UPSilon shutdown management software. It features 5 % voltage regulation, 1581 Joules of surge protection, a two step buck and boost process with a smart LCD display. AS400 and SNMP card options allow for dry contact communications and remote monitoring.

PowerShield Your Network Commander RT 1100–3000 VACommander_RTCommander_RT-rack

With pure sine wave output, the Commander Rackmount Tower guarantees compatibility for all kinds of loads.

It’s perfect power protection for versatile applications such as networking, telecom and other mission-critical applications.

It features • User Replaceable Hot Swappable Batteries • Versatile form factor – can be rackmount or tower
• Expandable – Can add a battery bank • Australian Sockets • ECO mode operation for energy saving
• Programmable power management outlets.

PowerShield Your Business Centurion 1000–10000 VA Centurion-Tower

When keeping the system up 24/7 is the most important thing, Australians look no further than the PowerShield® Centurion – a true Online Double Conversion UPS. With this system the protected equipment is being fed by clean, uninterruptible power at a 240 V ac. This new range now boasts programmable sockets in models under 6 kVA that can be made to systematically shut off less important items on the UPS and increase backup of the most critical equipment. All Centurion UPSs can have their backup times increased by merely adding additional battery banks. Tower and Rackmount models available.

PowerShield Your Business Centurion RT 1000–3000 VA Centurion-TowerCenturion-Tower

As a true Online Double Conversion UPS, the Centurion RT is PowerShield’s highest single phase power density UPS. Boasting a power factor of 0.9 this sophisticated UPS will provide the most comprehensive protection for mission critical devices. Features include: • 984 Joules / 22 000 Amps of surge protection • User-friendly, electronic easy-shift LCD dispaly • Rack or Tower design • Advanced ECO mode • Generator compatible • Programmable power management outlets • EPO – Emergency Power Off function • Hot swappable battery design • Extra large charger for rapid recharging • USB, RS232, SNMP, Modbus, Environmental Monitoring and AS400 multiple communications available • Available in 1000 VA, 2000 VA and 3000 VA models.